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RyanPaq 11-16-2010 04:10 PM

Old Basement venting & Attic Ventilation

Our house is on electric heating. We will be putting in a furnace this December.

There is currently a vent pipe coming from my basement cieling, up through the main floor, into the attic and out the roof.

I assume this was there for ventilation, but as I see it, it there just to remove heat from my house. As we are putting in the HVAC this is now redundant so I would like to remove it.

At this juncture I do not have enough money to start working on the roof,


Can I remove the vent from the basement and main floor, close all that up and leave the portion of the ven that is in th attic, to add more ventilation to the attic?

If NO, i.e. that would be too much ventilation for the attic, could I cap it inside the attic?

In addition to this we have an old fireplace with a chimney that runs up through the main floor closets as does the vent mentioned above. If I were to remove this fireplace, could I do the same with the fireplace chimney? (remove it from the basement & main floor and leave it open or capped in the attic)

When I can afford to do the roof (next year) I would have them both officially removed and the roof patched where they came out if they shouldnt stay...

Please advise'


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