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rusterbuster2 01-21-2009 06:59 PM

ok to seal up return air vent?
I am wondering if I have too much combustion air coming in, and making my home drafty when the heat is not running. My gas furnace is in an inside closet, has two return air openings 9"x18" and 9"x22" from the interior of the house just under the floor of the closet (which has a floor raised 12" above floor of home) and also has vents inside closet open to the attic and the crawl space both about 5"x16" and the closet is not airtight. the crawl space vent connects with the interior vents in the space under the raised closet floor. Can I seal up the crawl space hole and just have the attic vent and interior air vents?

Dr Heat 01-21-2009 08:04 PM

to answer your question I will need to get a few answers.

You mention 4 different vents

I suspect two of these (5"x16" ) are combustion air intakes

I am unclear about the other two am I correct that thease are the central returns Both going directly to the furnace?
If that is the case you should not block them at all

The two combustion air openings are a different story. You may or may not need these.
How many Btu's is the furnace
What other Gas appliances share this space (water Heater dryer)
what is the sqft of the house
what kind of door is on the closet
how far is it from the front of the furnace to the closed door
your location (State)
type of furnace
how old
This may seem like allot of questions but all are important

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