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John D in CT 12-08-2010 06:34 PM

Oil burner Primary - compatability question
I need to know if I can use a Honeywell R8184G 4009 primary in place of an R8184G 1302. It will go on an Energylogic waste oil furnace with a Beckett AFG burner and an Allanson 2721 628G (iron core) transformer.

Reason: the 4009 is much more readily available, and much cheaper than getting the 1302 from my Energylogic dealer. It also has a 45-second lockout time which will be a little more convenient than the 30 seconds of the 1302. Yes, I know that it will allow more unburned oil to collect in the combustion chamber per cycle, but I typically try 3 times with the 1302 before I give up and try something else (bleed more air out the lines, check the transformer, try different fuel, etc.). With the 4009, I would simply try twice. After the maximum number of failed attempts I always mop up the unburned oil in the chamber to keep the blowback to a minimum when the burner does fire.

The two primaries are very close in specs otherwise, except the 4009 is rated at 7.4 amps (full load) and 360 VA burner ignition, while the 1302 is rated at 10 amps, 500 VA burner ignition. Both are 120V 60 Hz, with a 24 VAC, 0.2 A thermostat load.

The Allanson 2721 628A has a primary of 120V 60Hz 250 VA, and a secondary of 10,000 V 23 MA, as required by the Beckett AFG.

The Beckett AFG draws 5.8 amps max load.

*** The waste oil furnace also uses an electric air pump to atomize the (pre-heated) waste oil, and I'm not sure if this will put too much of a load on the 4009 primary.

So; will I be OK with the 4009 primary? It's 45 degrees in my shop right now, and I'm anxious to get the furnace going. If I had to, I could shell out $150 or so for the 1302 tomorrow; I just bought a 4009 at Home depot for $77.

Follow-up question: Can a malfunctioning primary cause a transformer to put out a weak spark? It failed the screwdriver test miserably, only raising a spark about 1/4" above the springs (weak, yellow spark). I just bought a new (identical) transformer, but is it possible that the old one wasn't getting enough power fed to it, and can be kept as a spare? I know I can test it, but I haven't had a chance to yet.

Thanks, John D

yuri 12-08-2010 06:46 PM

Hang in there. Our oil Guru :notworthy: Beenthere should be around soon.

John D in CT 12-08-2010 06:52 PM

Thanks Yuri. Man, I hope he comes soon, I can't feel my toes any more!

Being cold SUCKS!:help:

yuri 12-08-2010 07:29 PM

COLD, you don't know cold until you visit my neck of the woods in January. Freeze the sn*t in yer nose it will.:laughing:

beenthere 12-09-2010 04:14 AM

Check your amp draw on your air pump/compressor. See if it brings the total amp draw to within 80% of the max rating of the 4009. If so. Don't use it. As the contacts can burn fast. And give you an out of control burner.

I believe you'll find the R8184g 4074 is an approved replacement for you 1013(not necessarily for your OEM application though). Same specs as the 4009 except a 30 sec safety. Again, on your OEM only application. You have to check total amp draw of everything on the motor circuit.

You would be surprised how much of a bang waste oil has when it ignites after 35 seconds of spraying.

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