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Odor / Stink from new direct vent natural gas fireplace after 30 hours of burning


I am having the same issue with a Majestic fireplace. Very frustrating. I believe that it is coming from the sealant that the manufacturer used to seal all of the seams on the firebox. If you pop off the bottom cover that covers the controls and use a flashlight, you will see a gray/black sealant on the edges of the firebox. If you can pop off the top louver and look at the top of the firebox, you will see more of it. Some of it is very black and brittle (charred looking) some is more gray. I believe the blacker stuff is where the fireplace is hotter and thus the stuff has cured/burned to a black color. Some chunks broke loose, I heated them. The smell is the same. I am trying to contact Majestic/Monessen to see what they recommend. Have either of you solved the problem?

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Odor / Stink from new direct vent natural gas fireplace after 30 hours of burning

I was having the same issue with gas fireplaces in two different homes. Discovered the source of the smell coming from the fiberglass/rope gasket which surrounds the glass frame.As the glass and frame become progressively hotter,the gasket begins to emit the odor. Was told that the smell should slowly reduce over time. So,far,not happening.
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Odor / Stink from new direct vent natural gas fireplace after 30 hours of burning

Hey everyone, we just bought a house with one of these Majestic DVR33 fireplaces and have the same problem. Its a really horrible smell..we can't stomach it for more than 5-10 minutes it is just so terrible. I looked at that rope-like thing someone mentioned around the inside of the glass and it seems fine. The smell only gets stronger the longer it is run. Did anyone figure out how to fix this? Its been getting to -50 celsius here the last while and we'd really like to use this.

Also someone mentioned it could be coming from the sealant, our sealant is red though, not grey/black like the other poster mentioned. We have tried taking pieces of sealant and burning them and also putting direct flames on the rope-like thing and neither smell. Help!!


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Odor / Stink from new direct vent natural gas fireplace after 30 hours of burning

I found this post on another forum and thought I'd share it here. I haven't yet found the sealant she mentioned, but will keep investigating.

"Oh boy ..... We have had the same problem after moving in to our new home 5 years ago. We were told it had to be burned in for 6 - 8 hours to clean off any manufacturing process oils. We have tried this over the years and it has not worked , I took the glass off and there was no sign of this odour inside the fire box. Which makes sense as that should be a sealed unit taking in fresh air and expelling burnt exhaust. But I was checking everything, easiest first....

My new home warranty has expired, and the manufacturer has not responded other then telling me to contact the installed, who has gone out of business. So I'm on my own!!!

Ok so now I had no choice but to rip the mantel off, and the tile surround to gain access to the unit. I was either going to find the problem or it was going in the garbage as there was defiantly an issue with the unit or install. After totally destroying the mantel and tiles, I found the install to be perfect, the builder made a very neat box, the vent was properly installed, so I focused my search to the Majestic gas fireplace unit.

The smell I would get each time we tried it was a chemical smell, very very strong , no smoke, just an odour that after running it for 10 mins would start to take over the house. As I looked over the unit I found all this dried up black sealer everywhere it was crumbling off the unit and a bunch was on the floor. I picked up a piece and wow that's the stink !!! OMG they used the wrong sealer on the fireplace. I say wrong because the sealer required does not smell and does not dry out and crumble off.

On another note the sealer was used to bond the sheet metal seams, the company welded about an inch on each corner and rather then do it right and weld the complete side , they opted to use high heat sealer. In theory this will work but you need the correct sealer.

So after some consideration buy a new unit at 2000 dollars or scrap off the old sealer totally dismantle and then reassemble with proper sealer at 10 dollars, I thought I would give it a go. It took a day of scraping and cleaning to remove the junk that was on the unit.

Last night I reassembled the unit and let it sit over night, this morning I reinstalled the unit and it has been burning for well over 45 mins on hight with a very slight smell probably due to the normal burn in period to cure the sealer.

I'm happy I saved 2000 dollars but it will still cost me 2000 to replace the mantel and tile surround.

This unit was installed in 2008 and this is the first time we could use it....

This is posted on their web site

SPECIAL NOTE TO MAJESTIC CUSTOMERS WITH PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED PRIOR TO JULY 2008: Monessen Hearth Systems Company (MHSC) purchased the Majestic brand from Canadian Fireplace Manufacturers Corp. (CFM) on July 25, 2008. MHSC is not responsible for information about, warranty of nor are we liable for Majestic product manufactured or installed prior to that time. Information regarding those products should be requested from the original seller.

Seeing that this unit was purchased in July of 2008 I couldn't tell you if it is the new company or old that used this toxic sealer. So I suggest stay clear !!!

Hope this helps someone else....."

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