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Mike Warner 04-06-2008 05:09 PM

NPT Connections
I'm going to get a Watts 9D-M3 backflow preventer, and a Watts 1156F pressure regulator, both with FNPT connections. The combo pre-assembled unit is about $20 more than buying each separately. Getting these separately, do I need anything other than teflon tape for the pipe threads, or do I have to get a small pipe fitting between these two parts?

Gencon 04-10-2008 05:59 AM

If they both have female threads then you will need to get a brass nipple to connect them together if this is for a potable water system, otherwise iron pipe will do. Teflon tape for the threads and pay attention to flow direction.

Mike Warner 04-11-2008 01:44 PM

I'm no HVAC tech, just a bakery laborer. I did pass a city test for putting in my own boiler, and I have my permit. I think I have the design down with all the heat loss calculations, and major hardware. Now I'm starting to work on the details of interconnecting everything before I buy it.

Thanks for the reply,

Mike Warner

Gencon 04-12-2008 08:19 AM

Good for you. Takes a lot of ambition to tackle a job like that.

Best thing is to get all your parts first. Once you have them, you will see what you need to connect them. You will also want a manual shut off valve in the system before the regulator. Also a good idea to have an indirect waste connection under the backflow preventer. If this thing ever discharges, it may have hot water coming out and you don't want that to be exposed, similar to the P & T relief valve for the boiler itself.

Mr Chips 04-12-2008 11:28 AM

biggest advantage of the preassembled combo is it's been tested for leaks. one less connection to worry about for $20

Mike Warner 04-12-2008 11:33 PM

Thanks Gencon and Mr Chips for the feedback. Any little bit is encouraging.

Mike Warner

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