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kentcasey 01-28-2009 09:52 PM

Nordyne Furnace G6TL Question # 2
I posted a question earlier that was answered so quickly (Thanks Yuri and JohnH1) I went home and tried to implement it. In doing so, I noticed what I assume is abnormal operation of the furnace.

It has been working all day and maintaining temperature in the house, but it appears to start and stop multiple times in between heating cycles. Usually the flame will start and quickly go out before the blower starts and flash an error code. Less frequently it will flash an error code right after starting up the inducer motor. The errors are always either 1) open limit or 2) pressure switch.

Its strange, because, if I do nothing, it seems to eventually correct itself and go through a full heat cycle.

Changing out the inducer blower assembly prompted my earlier question and I'm assuming this is related. Not sure how or if I can fix it or if it's time to call in a service tech.

Any thoughts? And thanks again to Yuri and JohnH1 for your help on the condensate line.


hvaclover 01-28-2009 10:11 PM

Could be a bad switch, ill fitting hose or cracks in same.

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