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Natedawg63 06-29-2013 06:50 PM

No Air Handler Blower After New Therm Install
Came home yesterday and no air. Went to the unit outside to reset the breakers since we had a brief storm Friday AM. Still nothing. Went back out and looked inside at compressor area... was frozen, so I turned the power off at the box and let it defrost.

After a good hour + went and applied power... came inside - no power to my digital therm - shucks! Took it off wall - did not mark each wire since I did not know it would be too big a deal since they all colored.

Went this AM to HD and got a Honeywell RTH3100C digital thermo for heat pumps. Started looking at the rewiring diag and thought I should check my unit to make sure all the wiring color matched up... My unit is an older Carrier 38YRA024300 outside with a matching unknown model number split coil-pack and aux electric heater with blower unit under the house. Just did not feel like crawling under the house to check it at the moment.

Found my wiring diag at the Carrier site. C Y O W2 R. C=Blk Y=Yellow O=Orange W2=White R=Red. Fine... except the original contractor used C=White and W2=Blue.

So, following those colors - I wired the Thermo inside replacing the colors according to the colors as wired at the unit. W2 got the blue control wire and white was used where the C=common wire went as per Honeywell's instructions.

Applied my power... setup my thermo for proper Aux heat = electric and the compressor and outside fin cooling fans operate fine... kicks on and starts pumping - but on the inside... I have no air blowing from the under-house coil-pack/blower unit.

Kept doing some reading and things say that the green wire usually controls the blower - it is hooked to the G on the thermo - even tho there was no G wire leaving the outside unit. Both G and Blk are left unused. Not sure the wiring route as the control wires go under the house... do some go to the coil-pack/air handler and then into the wall? Dunno... but I got no blower action.

Could it be that I have something miswired on the thermo... or maybe the air handling blower has bit the dust after 12+ years?

Any help will be grateful!!!


Natedawg63 06-29-2013 07:11 PM

Just FYI - these are the install instructions from Honeywell and the Carrier wiring diagram for the outside compressor/control unit.



Yes... I did do the jumper wire from E to Aux on the Honeywell thermo.


hvactech126 06-30-2013 06:48 AM

Do you have a furnace or an air handler in your home? You sir, have a split system... meaning there is an outdoor unit and an indoor unit.

davenc 06-30-2013 07:42 AM

The g wire would terminate at the air handler (blower) under the house. It would not be used for anything at the outside unit.

old_squid 06-30-2013 08:56 AM

Trouble with wiring diagrams and colored wires is the fact that you are relying on the installer to follow them. Just because certain colored wires were found at the thermostat does not mean they were connected according to anything other than how that person thought they should be.

When you take the first "wrong step" and disconnect something without documenting or at least noting how it was originally done then you have but one option and that is to start over from scratch. You'll need to look at all connections at all terminations to verify that they are done according to the wiring diagrams.

Natedawg63 06-30-2013 09:03 AM

Yes... I stated I have a split-pak... the air-handler/coil pack sits right under my hallway where an old gas-fired furnace used to be installed.

I am thinking that the blower fan under there has given up the ghost and quit working. Thats prob why it was frozen Friday... compressor was running but the blower fan was not distributing air off the coils under there... Guess I will venture under the house and get a model number of the coil-pack/blower unit.


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