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STEREO 01-04-2012 12:30 AM

Nice 2 meet you
:thumbup::thumbup:Finally!!! A site geared for my field!!!I love being a technician....Wait....We are all pros.No matter what ANYONE says or thinks.

STEREO 01-04-2012 02:08 AM

Learned my lesson
Been a duct-rat since7,tech since 10.wrote a big funny story bout this 5 mins ago,and the site kicked me out before I could post it. My father has been telling me for years that his unit was whacky.....Figured wasn't much to it.Upon inspection,realized t-stat wasn't mounted good,(imperative for mercury,manual stats).Administered first aid with dry-wall molly's,decided to pre-main the unit,(cut down on service calls).Sorry,Preventive Maintenance.Anyhoo,checked all filters,(old stainless intertherms that sit on a-coil),and cleaned coil and filters.4 ton comfortmaker condensor,coleman a/h.Was waiting for heatpump to time out and initialize,and heard a LOUD liquid/vapor transfer.Checked the obvious,and the condensor fan wasn't running.Found potential relay breaking line through DF control board.Bypassed to contactor on make side,(t-stat energized),and went to check stat wiring.Opened a/h,found 3 ton coil.......changed orafice....recharged unit.All pressures correct for ambient temp....little under factory charge,but working better than ever.think i need to get them a new DF control board?

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