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cory_booth 08-30-2012 08:44 AM

New Trane Heat Pump Thermostat
I just purchased and installed an EB-STAT-02
This is one of those "Smart" Thermostats...

My existing equipment is
Heat Pump: 2TWR2-IN-1B
Thermostat: TAYSTAT 570

My understanding is a Dual Stage Heat / Single Stage Cool

My wiring at the old thermostat consisted of:

G = Green (Fan)
B = Blue (Common)
R = Red (no specific description)
Y = Yellow (Compressor Contactor 1)
W = White (Aux Heat Relay)
X2 = Black (Emergency Heat Relay)
O = Orange (Switchover Valve)

The new thermostat manual is here:

I configured my wiring as such:

Ecobee - Trane

Y – Y
W (O/B) – O
G – G
W2 – W
RH / RC – R (this is jumped)

At this point I decided to use an "accessory" switch for the emergency heat.
As the new thermostat states, all non-powered accessories require a jump from "R" so...

R jumped to ACC1
ACC1r – X2

R also jumped to the other 24v main input block.
B connected to other 24v main input block.

I currently have cool running right now. Everything seems fine, but haven't tried heat.

My concerned is over the X2 and W wire.
This new Smart Thermostat does not have an "E" terminal.
The W1 is occupied by the changeover (orange wire).
The W2 is occupied (how I have it wired) by the W wire.

So what to do with the X2 or Emergency Heat wire?

I have read to leave it unhooked?

New member - thanks for reading!

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