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daviar 06-29-2008 01:57 PM

New Thermostat- Heat comes on when on "Cool"
My current thermostat is a 24 Vac Heat Pump Thermostat TA2000. This was the configuration when I started and how I wired it to the new thermostat (Honeywell Digital RTH7000). Right now the a/c comes on but then the heat does too. I think it is the emergency heat that is triggering. I am sure a wire is crossed or that the E should not be used at all. Also, not sure that I am electing the correct system in the digital controls. Do I have a conventional multi-stage with 2 heat and 2 cool, multi with 2 heat and 1 cool, or 1 heat and 1 cool. I have a thermostat downstairs that is the main one and another upstairs in the bedroom. I think it is 2 heat and 1 cool. The bedroom has a different wire configuration.

Main Thermostat
Furnace Old Therm New Therm
E --> E --> Y2/E (not sure?- black wire) Think it should go to W2
G --> G --> G (green wire)
Y --> Y --> Y (yellow wire)
R --> R --> R (red wire)
C --> X --> C (not sure?- blue wire) Think it may not need to be connected
O--> O --> W/O/B (orange wire)
Aux --> W2 --> W2 (white wire i think should go in W)

Upstairs Thermostat
R --> R (red wire) also a black wire from R to RH
Y --> Y (yellow wire)
W1 --> W1 (white wire)
W2 --> W2 (black wire)

EDIT: Also, there is a wire not being used that is brown.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

geo fan 06-29-2008 04:18 PM

does the large pipe coming off the condenser feel hot
do you still have the installation manual

daviar 06-29-2008 04:31 PM

Nope doesn't feel hot. I still have the manual somewhere and will check it out.

For now I have put the old thermostat on and it is working perfect. Something with the wiring has to be crossed or I am selecting the wrong system on the new digital thermostat.

EDIT: I also took a look at the furnace wiring and the wrong things are lighting up when the new stat is on compared with the old one. "E.H. Check" and "Equipment" light up when the air is working correctly and when not "E.H. Check" and "Fan" are lit up.

geo fan 06-29-2008 05:24 PM

read the manual
in the installation manual sometimes you have to go into the back programing to set it up for a heat pump this usualy requires holding 2 buttons down and in the manual it will have a guide to check it

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