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firedogut 10-03-2009 08:11 PM

new system install.....questions
Ok I have a new heating and cooling system being shipped and have a few questions.
Models are as follows.
All Goodman
CHPF4860D6 + TX5N4

old system.

Allegiance 10 7A0048A100A0
American Standard TXHC41A4H9A0
Consolidated Industries HBA100ND5R

I have to remove the old system and place the new system in the attic. I have a HVAC guy coming out to do all the stuff that I can’t do (top off the system with R410A sweat the copper to make the connections…..etc) However the more I have done the less he is going to charge me. So please double check my to-do list.

So for the outside unit I need to install a lager pad to fit this unit, attach power to unit. (I believe the old system had two 20amp breakers on it…….looking at the manual that should be ok for my new unit)

In the Attic the air flow will go from left to right. (return--- Furnace-----coil-----plenum where all my ducts connect)

Adjust return plenum so that it fits furnace.

Now my coil should attached directly to the furnace correct… sheet metal needed??

My cold air plenum might need to be adjusted to fit my coil.

Should I buy a drain pan for my coil or just build one from sheet metal?

Connect Vent pipe to new furnace.

Thermostat is a RiteTemp 8085C……..will this well with my new system being that it is a variable speed furnace? Do I need to run additional wires to the thermostat being that the old system was a single speed setup?

What am I missing? What else can I do?

Also out of curiosity i paid $2200 after tax credit for the new system....did i get a good price or could i have done better?

biggles 10-03-2009 08:38 PM

the return and supply connections might need some adjusting(1) suggestion is to have a sheetmetal pan with a 1" lip put under the air handler/coil/furnace with a 3/4 female threaded adapter so you can pipe that out to a viewable area.this would be considered your emergency over flow pan just in case the condensate pan within the coil area(as shipped)gets blocked up.make sure the duct pleniums both supply and return are screwed in not duct :no:taped 360 degrees around.cork pads can be gotten at grainger supply to put under the air handler before it is placed in the pan.then the coil also has a 3/4 female fitting and that is your primary condensate pan and needs to be trapped out and run out side.

firedogut 10-03-2009 09:29 PM

Ah so the new coil comes with a drip pan built in. this drip pan will be piped outside....that makes life easier.

A few more questions.

Should i pipe the dip pan that goes under the furnace/coil out side also? I can just add a T to the existing PVC pipe. One side to the coil and one side to larger drip pan.

Do i need to put the furnace on 2x4 or 4x4's? The manual states that 0" is required below the furnace but it needs to be on wood.

biggles 10-04-2009 05:27 PM

the emergency pan should be directly piped out to a front stoop drop down or over the kitchen window...reasoning being if it is filled with water that will let you know the main pan is blocked up and needs cleaning.if you pipe it to the coil pan drain out you will have constant flow there aon hot days and the overflow situation will come thru the cieling below the unit!local has the vibration pads you can walk in with cash no problem..item #5C027...after you connect all the components put them on corners and in the middle total 6 will do it..let the ducts pleniums hang free no support needed there.make sure you trap that coil if the exsisiting doesn't have it.

firedogut 10-04-2009 07:10 PM

thanks again

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