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steve1971 11-09-2006 09:15 AM

new hot surface ignitor, still no luck
(I apologize if this topic has already been beaten to death, but I used the keyword search and didn't come across a direct match)

My 5 year old American standard with a hot surface igniter will not fire the main burners.
The original HSI glowed fine, voltage is 120 to the HSI, but I replaced it anyway figuring it was about time and would probably solve the problem. It didn't.

The HSI will cycle about 5 times but the main burners will not ignite. Eventually the main blower will come on (still no heat), and the circuit board light will blink a code indicating that it has stopped cycling the HSI because it did not detect a flame. I can only shut the blower off by releasing the switch under the front cover.

What would prevent the system from releasing gas to the main burners?

Can anyone recommend what I should check next, and in what order?

#CARRIERMAN 11-09-2006 10:56 AM

Hi steve1971

My first question is going to be the stupid one, is the switch on the gas valve in the on position and is the gas stop in the open position? If so your will need a voltmeter to find out anything past that. Let us know the answers and we will walk you through it.


steve1971 11-09-2006 01:36 PM

both the gas valve and gas stop are in the open position, but good point.

in addition,
1. i can hear the draft inducer come on right before the HSI glows.
2. there's no gas coming on, and therefore never a flame (and no gas smell)
3. i'm getting a "two flash" error code indicating a system lockout (retries or recylces exceeded)

#CARRIERMAN 11-09-2006 05:02 PM

Hi steve1971

If you have a voltmeter, take one of each of the leads and put them on the gas valve terminals. If you have 24 volts when the ingitor is glowing, replace the gas valve. If you don't have 24 volts replace the ignition board. I don't believe you have a limit or any safety problems or the ignitor will not glow. Give this a try and let us know what happens.

Good Luck

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