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dscott76 01-27-2011 10:11 PM

New H2O heating and cooling system
I’m planning to replace a hot water based heating and air conditioning system and have received a couple of different system configurations. I live in Northern VA in a 1700 square foot, three story townhouse. I’m looking for assistance on the pros and cons of each system configuration so I can make my final determination. Thanks!

Configuration 1
Hot water tank: Apollo; A6 50 YRDS (direct vent gas)
Air conditioner: First Company; 24WCK12-AB (23,800 BTU, 12.0 SEER)
Air Handler: First Company; 24HBQB (High Efficiency, 35,300 BTU, 2.0 TONS)

Configuration 2
Hot water tank: Bradford White; DH1-504T6FBN (direct vent gas)
Air conditioner: National Comfort Products; NCPC-430-1010 (27,500 BTU, 12.0 SEER)
Air Handler: First Company; 36VHBQB (Variable Speed, 46,700 BTU, 2.5 TONS)

***One company (of the 4 I talked to) also recommended the additional of a mixing valve to the hot water tank. Is one necessary with the type of system I'm looking to install? ***

Please help! Thanks in advance!

KCA 02-03-2011 02:54 AM


You didn't get any responses so I figured I'd give it a shot..

I'm a Plumbing and hydronic heating contractor in Colorado. I can't advise you on the AC.. And with regard to the heating system, Either heater seems fine and the usage of a tempering valve is recommended. You want to use higher temps for the fan coil and those temps are way to high to be comming out of a shower head. There is a scald factor there that you want to stay away from. The tempering valve would keep the domestic water temp down to 120degF or so. If you put in a recirc line for the domestic, contact me for a diagram so that the water temps don't creep up over night..

I hope that I helped

:-) Ken
The K.C. Ament CO., Inc.
Colorado Springs

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