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actegratuit 09-06-2010 07:17 PM

New Furnace or Fireplace Insert
I have a 15 yr. old furnace that recently had a control module (?) go bad, and have been wondering if I shouldn't just replace the furnace. My contractor quoted me $2100.00 for a new furnace that's 95% eff. I did some research and started thinking about some other possibilities:

1. My dad owns a sawmill/lumberyard and I have lots of access to hardwood. A less efficient wood fireplace insert will cost less initially and also in the cost of fuel (the wood will be free). My worry with this is that my fireplace is in my living room, and I worry that I'll be blasted with hot air and become uncomfortably hot here, which is where I spend most of my well as the potential to have uneven heating. Are these valid concerns?

2. My other possibility would be to go ahead with the new furnace, pay more now and later, but expect it to be a selling point when selling my house a couple years later. Does that make sense?

Are there any other possibilities, or one of the two above? I've seen these "add-on" wood burning furnaces (that could solve my dilemma), but don't think there is enough room in my utility room. Any help is greatly appreciated!


beenthere 09-06-2010 07:49 PM

You can install a furnace now, or when you sell the house. Most mortgage companies won't finance a home that doesn't have a central heating system.

Best to get a furnace now, and a wood insert, and use the insert to keep the living room warm until you go to bed. Then let teh furnace take over. Saves a lot on the heating bill.

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