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NHERal 03-30-2008 01:13 PM

New construction Insulatin and heating question
I'm trying to find out how complex of a change it is when going from standard Batt insulation to the spray in foam. I've been told that with batt you dont have to worry about the amount of air infiltration...standard load calculations, but when spray in is used you eliminate much of the outside air coming in. How would that impact the design of a heating system??
Im guessing you would need a decent way of exchanging interior air to make up for the natural loss in a typical batt installation...really i have no clue:huh:
Any tips or advice on where to find out about this.
(building is going up in NH, if that matters)


DirtBoy 04-01-2008 10:12 PM

When using Batt, tons of air can leak past causing cold spots but you refresh the air more often. On the spray foam the house can be virtually air tight which may require you to to bring outside air in through some sort of exchanger...local codes may impact the setup. Dont know too much on the subject other than its about 3times the cost of batt and the heating equipment/install should jump a bit as well even though you would require less tonage on the machine.

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