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CowboyAndy 05-15-2008 06:24 AM

New chimney / furnace information
Hey guys, I would like your help with our wood furnace install and new chimney.

We have settled on an Englander 28-3500 add on forced air wood furnace. We had our first estimate last night for installation and new chimney. The chimney will be a metal one, and the contractor stated that he would plan to elbow around the soffit instead of going through it. the chimney will run about 5 feet from the furnace location through the foundation and up the side of the house. He said he was estimating around 20ft up on the outside, so about a total of 25 feet of new chimney. They quoted us $1400 for the chimney and install of the furnace. BTW, we are in upstate ny where labor rates for construction are pretty low. Does this sound about right? I want to make sure we aren't taken to the cleaners. What else should I be asking/looking for?

Questions I asked:

-going through or around soffit?
-trouble going through flat rock foundation?
-insurances (liability, WC)

8 Ball 05-17-2008 06:40 AM

Read the owners maual. Normaly the manufacturer will detail correct or recomended instalation details.

Talk to your inspector BEFORE you do anything.

Price sounds good, but again talk to your inspector first, hes the one thats going to approve it. Why pay to do it twice.

When he comes to inspect it, Ill bet the first thing he will ask for is the Instalation, Owners Manual.

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