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gripp2020 11-28-2009 01:54 PM

Needed basement advice...
Hello all. I am starting on my basement finishing project. It is 1800 square feet. I am not a complete DIY guy, but i am trying to be and trying to learn. We (me and a contractor) finished framing 2 weeks ago. He asked me right after we finished about what else i was going to do. I didnt have ALL my plans layed out. He told me i needed to have it because once the electric guy comes in, i need to know where i want components and lights and AV stuff.


Ok. Sence then, i have been doing a lot of reasurch on AV stuff, and getting quotes on the Electrical work. I know NOTHING about electrical and i dont want my hows of 2 years to burn to the ground due to my inexperence in that aria. But all 3 electricians have told me that they prefer that the hvac be completed FIRST. That kinda threw me cause i was thinking that could be after electrical. My floor joist above have the oval slots in them so that HVAC flexi duct can be run through them, which is why i dont have or need sophets.

I NEED TO KNOW: Why do i need the HVAC done BEFORE the electrical?
Is it a better way to go to get a USED HVAC unit?
What is the best (and by best i mean inexpensive but right way of getting the hvac done?


yuri 11-28-2009 02:06 PM

It is best because wiring can easily be moved and HVAC ducts and plumbing cannot. They don't want to have to come back and redo it because the HVAC guy needs the space the wire is in. There is NO such thing as a good used furnace / AC unit. Usually buying a undersized/oversized damaged unit that someone had problems with. Get 2-3 quotes from reputable contractors. Go to HDepot or the library and get some books on basement planning etc so you don't waste their time/aggravate them and can be happy with your planning later because of a good result.:thumbsup:

Some higher end AV stores can help you with planning also.

gripp2020 11-28-2009 07:16 PM

Ok thats kool. Well what other options do i have for heating and cooling the basement? Yes this is a "basement on a budget" but it will be nice once im done. Im just looking for insight on a few thin gs. Ive hard of guys putting in just an AC unit to cool it in the summer, and they installed the long baseboard heaters in main rooms of the basement for the winter. Or the opposite. Install a heating unit, and just put ceiling fans in those rooms

Im not trying to be "real" cheap, but im paying for all of it outa pocket. Im not taking any home loans to do this. I am an umpire for baseball and a ref. for football in my spare time, and thats what has given me the money to do this. So i dont want to be spending on things i dont HAVE to do. I would appreciate any good ideas you guys may have.

yuri 11-28-2009 08:08 PM

Where do you live? Most people don't need A/C for the basement unless it is a bi-level with large windows. Electric baseboard heaters are great if your electric rate is affordable. Totally reliable and you can have individual control over the rooms. Silent also which is an advantage for an AV room.

gripp2020 11-28-2009 11:43 PM

Im in Atlanta, ga. Im trying to find a good solution to the heating and cooling issue. I say this because normally if i get the full unit inside and out i think its about 3 grand. If i can get some good ideas and be advised as to some good ways to do this without breaking the bank im all ears. I do know several guys that just paid for the hvac unit and have heat and air. I would hate to get caught with out one or the other if there was good way to do it.
THe guy i saw who put fans in for cooling and the heating basebords in lived in the northern states, so the humidity is not as bad there as it is here.

So if you guys have examples, links or a way to heat and cool a basement in different ways, please explain it.

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