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aphotoguy 07-19-2008 06:35 PM

Need t-stat/h-stat help
I have a Goodman GMH8 Furnace/AC unit I had a TH5110D T-Stat.

I added a Honeywell HE260A Bi-Pass Humidifier with the H-Stat that came with it.

I have purchased a RiteTemp 6080 Programmable Stat with Humidistat built in.

I have installed the new stat and the furnice and AC work great. No long/short cycling. Program works great.

I want to now get rid of my old h-stat and use the built in h-stat on the RiteTemp unit.

I have not changed any of the wiring on the humidifier except to remove the line that goes from my transformer to the old H-Stat and the line that goes from the old H-Stat to my Sail Switch.

If I run a line from the transformer (where the old H-stat was connected)to the sail switch (where the old H-stat was connected) and the solenoid on the humidifier opens and water flows like it should.

My instal guide states that my humidifier control line runs from my H terminal to my humidifier relay.

I think that I need a relay to use between my transformer and my sail switch, but I don't know what type I would need.

Am I missing something here?

8 Ball 07-20-2008 07:11 AM

So, you have two power supplies at the furnace. One transformer integral to the furnace, then a separate externly mounted transformer, dedicated to the humidifier.

Then, yes, you will need a 24v single pole, single throw relay. Pay close attention to C on the drawing. Your 24v from H on the stat to one side of the coil, and C from the furnace to the other side of the coil.

How we doing so far?

aphotoguy 07-20-2008 08:38 AM

8 Ball,

Thanks that's what I though I would need. But I just so happened to find this page

And on the top of page 18 there is a diagram showing how to hook it up with an external 24vac power source. So I took one wire and put it to my R terminal on my furnice board from the other post on my transformer and voila it works!

Thanks for your help. If this diagram didn't appear, and didn't work I would have tried your SPST suggestion.

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