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steve stas 02-10-2007 02:40 PM

Need radiant heat advice
I've had a new house built, plumber and plumbing supply company wanted to layout and install hydronic radiant heat, Burham boiler, zone pumps, pex tubing, seems like the usual stuff. Now, when outside temp below 20 F or so, mater bedroom won't get above 55-ish. bedroom has carpet and underpad. on a separate zone. rest ot the house is tiled, it's temp is fine. Zone water temp for bedroom is 160 F. Major contributing issue is room has 3 1/2 outside walls and big windows ( I know, bad idea, but She Who Must BE Obeyed insisted). MY new plumber says if he installs the aluminum trays between the PEX and the wood floor it will cure the problem. My concern is that it still won't transfer enough BTus, and I'll be out a ton of money for the retrofit. I was considering just installing baseboard water units along the outside walls , feeding them with one or two of the radian loops. At 160 F I figure that's hot enough, and I notice that the return water from the current installation is still pretty hot, so I'm not exchanging a lot of heat along the runs. Anyone had a similar problem and have any suggestions? It's a *************** to move into a new house and have a cold bedroom.

Cantley 04-27-2007 04:09 PM

Yes, adding aluminium plates would help. Best Website I found so far is this one:
Good luck

Pipes 04-27-2007 08:04 PM

They would help but, not necessarily solve the problem. I'll bet the radiant report done on the room called supplemental heat. Before you go throwing money at plates have a new report done with the addition of plates in the equation. I believe you will still need some baseboard radiation.

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