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MrShadetree0222 10-07-2008 11:09 PM

Need help folks! Gotta find??? Please help!
Hey folks i have got to find 4 #43 orifices immediatly or i need to find the #43 drill bit(0.089) It has been gettig cold, my son has been staying with my daughter and her husband because it has been getting to cold here in the evenings, for him to be able to stay here! And its only going to start getting colder from this point on!

Now after two days of research and shopping, i have found one new gas valve that i am going to drive up to get tomarrow! But the only place to get new orifices are online! I kid you not 1000's of phone calls tryign to locate these two items(gas valve and orifices) The quickest i can get the gas orifices are 7-10 days at a cost i can afford to have them shipped to me! Over night from Ca. is over 200.00 dollars for 5 dollars worth of parts!

So if you or someone you know has the correct drill bit, and or the correct orifices then please respond immediatly before i go ahead and order these ones that is going to take 7-10 days shipping to get them! We are in desperate need of gettig them them and getting gas turned on! Wifey is tearing me a new backside over not having heat and her having to get up and shower in the cold in the mornings!

Thank you folks!

MrShadetree0222 10-08-2008 01:52 PM

Issue is dealt with no further assistance is needed!
Issue Is Dealt With No Further Assistance Is Needed At This Time!

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