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mimimaw 08-11-2008 07:42 PM

Need Help - Dont Understand - CONFUSED
Heil 2.5 14 Seer System vs. Ruud 2 14 Seer System
Are these similar in performance or really far off. I need to purchase a brand new system for my mother's house. (Hurricane Katrina effects)
Price $9000 vs. $7000. Big investment need to be really sure. Cant afford to make this type of costly mistake. Both are 410A refrigerant.
Can someone advise me what I should look for. I know I want energy efficient, quiet, very low maintenance, very simple. There are so many units out there,...American Standard,Trane, Carrier,. Goodman, Amana...etc. Would Heil and Ruud be considered low, average, high....House is approximately 850 - to 900 square feet. Any assistance is appreciated. So many horror stories in New Orleans with people getting ripped off, just looking for a real break with someone that genuinely will give good advice. Thank you - God Bless.

statman 08-11-2008 08:22 PM

I would go with the system that has a better warranty. Both are decent ac units....although the 2.5 does sound a bit oversized for a house that small. Keep in mind tho, I am from Canada and we dont get the humidity that you get down there. Pricing seems high to me on either job, but not sure of how tough an install it is. Does that include the air handler or furnace? If it comes down to it tho, there is NOT 2000 bucks difference in units (heil or Ruud) for an extra half a ton of cooling.

geo fan 08-13-2008 04:03 PM

most pricing differences come from the installation company's overhead , workmenship and estimated time on job. to me neither price is a rip if its a realy good company putting in the system. value is a funny thing its only clear about 10 years after the purchase . both equely average manufacturers. I tell people when ever a call like this has to be made, is reasearch the company the BBB is a good start , if your state requires licenses ask for them . company's that have ben around longer is an ok benchmark as well . my point is simple you want the best guy possible putting in the system and thats not allways the most expensive but it's rarely the cheapist

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