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dallison 02-11-2007 08:28 PM

need heat suggestion for lower level
we own a split level with heat pump/central air

most of the vents are for the upstairs.
when we bought the house only one register was downstairs. i added another register to the downstairs so now there are 2 vents downstairs but it is still chilly.

i have the thermostat upstairs.

i was thinking of adding an electric baseboard(downstairs) with a separate thermostat that will be placed downstairs.

is this a good idea and what would i need to do this job

please help

cibula11 02-12-2007 09:57 AM

Baseboard heat runs on a 220v. You would need to make sure you have enough room on your electric panel to add a 220v. If you do you could install one or more than one baseboard heaters in the area. The nice thing about basements is that they stay a constant temperature due to them being underground. Are the registers not heating? Make sure all walls and ceilings are insulated. Most likely a basement will always be slightly cooler because cold air sinks.

dallison 02-12-2007 11:02 AM

no basement. split level on a slab.

after ripping the paneling off to expose the drywall, everything is pretty well insulated, i added a little where i felt the cool air.

there are only 2 registers that are downstairs so it stays cooler.

so the other inexpensive addition would be the baseboard. i can drill the holes for the wire and do the install and have the electrician wire it into the box

dallison 02-12-2007 11:07 AM

i think we have 200 amp service si i think i may be able to use it. it won't be used that often

cibula11 02-12-2007 11:20 AM

How big is the area you want heated? That will depend on how many baseboard units you will need.

Just an FYI. I am converting an attic space and considered baseboard heaters for a time. My biggest problem is that I didn't have enough room on my panel and didn't want to mess with electric work as it would be quite costly. I called my HVAC guy and am waiting for a quote. He thought to run a duct and some other stuff to the attic would be about $400. And the positive is that I will also get AC in the room too. With baseboard you only get heat. I might have some quotes done before you decide. Running more ductwork into the area might be cheaper.

concretemasonry 02-12-2007 11:20 AM

need heat suggestion for lower level
Your heat supply does little good if you do not have plenty of returns - more area than supply.

Running your fan constantly when heating, will improve the confort and uniformity tremendously. If you have a good variable speed fan, the cost will be minimal and will actually reduce you cooling costs by removing more moisture.

I have a similar split level situation with the lower level having poorly insulated walls, an open stairway and a big sliding door in Minnesota. In the winter I have a 1-2 degree maximum difference from upstairs to downstairs at a central location. My exterior walls are cooler (digital readings) because of a shortage of insulation.

dallison 02-20-2007 06:54 PM

the downstairs is cool in the summertime.
the area downstairs is about 600 sq ft.
the downstairs has drop ceilings and the ductwork is contained there.

the area where i would install the baseboard is on the floor to the right of the panel.
i have the wire, so i will run it to the box and have an electrician wire it up

dallison 01-03-2015 01:15 PM

I had added another register and added a 6' section of baseboard heat. I normally keep the breaker off to it, but it does the trick when needed.

beenthere 01-03-2015 04:04 PM

Thanks for the update.

dallison 01-03-2015 07:25 PM

Sorry that it was 8 years later.

beenthere 01-03-2015 08:10 PM

LOL. Better late then never.

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