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My PILOT LIGHT won't GO Out!!

Thanks to Mr Nestor Kelebay for the article on how the gas valves work.

I am having a problem that is the opposite of most questions asked on most diy websites.......................I have a pilot light THAT WON'T GO OUT! I have a propane ventless fireplace, with an electronic ignition system, which turns the pilot off along with the burners (at least it always had). We've had the fireplace for almost nine years and it has worked great! After smelling the odor from a near empty tank while the unit was off, we started looking for a leak. I put some bubble soap on all joints I could get to and found no leaks. After "hitting my head against the wall" a couple times, I then lit a match and put it against the pilot light line, and sure enough, it lit a very small blue flame. I had found the leak. After reading the article on this website, as well as others, I feel that the valve controlling the gas inflow to the pilot light is NOT SHUTTING OFF COMPLETELY, allowing a small amount of gas to continue seeping through the pilot light line, and continuing to burn when the unit is in the OFF position. I know, as long as it burns, it is ok, but I am afraid that, as small as the flame is, it might "blow out" and allow the gas to enter the room. I learned that a weak thermocoupler can cause the electro magnate to NOT OPEN THE PILOT GAS VALVE to let gas move through and lite the pilot,,,,,,,,,,,,but I didn't see any mention of the valve NOT CLOSING all the way and shutting off the gas. It seems to me that the valve might be "binding"(if that is possible), or has a piece of "dirt" stopping the valve from closing all the way.

First, I'd like to know if you also think the SIT Valve itself is the problem or is something else causing the valve not to close completely. If you think it might be just dirt holding the valve open, is there a way I can clean it or get the dirt to move on out of the valve? Hopefully, replacing the valve with a new one is not the only option, but if so, so be it. Could another component be causing the valve not to completely close?

My fireplace is manfactured by Pro Com and is a Model #HL400RYLA-0. The valve is listed in the manual as SIT852. I called Pro Com and the tech I talked with said he had never heard of my problem happening before, but suggested just buying a new valve and replacing it. I would rather find a cheaper solution, if possible. Appreciate any advice and information you can give me concerning this problem. Thank You!


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Welcome to the forums.

I would copy and paste or have the moderators move this into the plumbing forum as its own thread.


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Moved to HVAC for you--Moderator-
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Please don't make duplicate post across the forums, thank you.

I have removed the other 2.
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You need a new valve. It has an electromagnet which pushes on a plunger that opens the pilot valve. Rare they stick open but sometimes when you go to relight it they are stuck closed so it is possible it is stuck open. Propane is heavier than air and VERY dangerous as it builds up in pockets and can explode. Get a new valve ASAP.
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