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Is My New Coil Working Properly...?

Can anyone help? Back in May I had a new american standard coil put in for a 4 ton unit...despite this new coil my a/c is still not cooling like it should. I was having a hard start problem with my compressor so I had another ac tech look at my a/c unit. This different tech said the hard start problem is caused because both a/c lines are not equalizing after the compressor shuts off...he said this could be due to the txv being bad or some sort of restriction in the coil. He also told me that this could be the problem with my a/c not cooling like it should. So I contacted the original a/c co that put in the new coil and told them what this other a/c guy told me...the original a/c tech said that's how there making these new american standard coils...that both line pressures don't equalize after the compressor turns off. Can anyone give me any insight into this...any help would be greatly appreciated.


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EXAMPLE......if the freon is R-22 and the days temperature is say 85F and the system is running the standard pressures could be 260 PSI in the condenser and 65 PSI in the air handler when the unit cycles off on satisfied stat setting the pressures stop within the piping and then start to equalize thru the TXV.with those numbers say it totals 325PSI half of that is 162 PSI the quicker that 260 drops and the 65 rises the easier a compressor will start and thats equalization...same as a refrigerator WAIT 2 MINUTES or on window units it is the same thing with your unit don't let them put a hard start kit on you will burn the compressor out with the compressor trying to push 65PSI against the 260 PSI on a restart.your stat may have a adjustable cycle time between call on it if is digital type...or have the original installer come back an install a adjustable time delay in the condenser or in the air handler on the wire(24V) going out to the condenser.he needs to run the unit with hi/lo sides hooked up with guages and shut it down a time count how long it takes to equalize to an acceptable restart equalizing pressure and set the timer.if you want to test how long it might take run the unit go out to the condenser and shut the disconnect OFF and time out 3 minutes then put the disconnect back ON if it restarts(compressor)ignore the condenser fan running then it equalized in 3 minutes if not go to 4 then to 5 until it restarts...don't retry it over and over if it doesn't restart wait 15 minutes then add a minute ...restart it ...shut it downand recheck the new count down and shut off time delay


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