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Moving HVAC system dilemma

I'm back with yet another post in my HVAC saga. Short story is we're finishing the basement room where the HVAC currently sits, so I want to move it to a nearby unfinished hall which will become an HVAC room. I live in Atlanta.

System works fine, but it's builder grade and 13 years old. It presently contols both basement and first floor shared.

$5000 is the my max budget for the HVAC.

One guy quoted $3500 to move the existing system and all hookups, redo/reconnect vents, and run 2 new supplys and one return. He warned that during the process, he'd be doing something with the cooling lines (or perhaps emptying them for the move) and the air conditioner might not start up again, period. But due to some loophole, I could still get a unit similar to my outside unit (since they aren't available any longer) to pair up with my existing indoor system.

One guy quoted $5000 to move the existing system and all hookups, redo/reconnect vents, and run 2 new supplys and one return. But he was also going to "put a zoned system" on top - so then I'd have separate upstairs/downstairs control with thermostats.

Anyone care to chime in on what you'd do if this was your house?


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I would leave it and redo the floor plan. Post pictures of space in question, and blueprint of the floor plan.


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Forgetting $s, wouldn't it be quieter to leave it in the basement? Sleep may be an issue?
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How far away are you moving the unit? You could get this done with 2 guys in 2 days. That's moved and started back up. 3-5k is way to much in my opinion. Then again I have not looked at would be involved.

How easy is it going to be to run new duct work, piping, electrical connections? Is it a furnace with gas as well?
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Zoned system. I may be wrong but I have heard that if it uses the old school barometric bypass system to relieve the excess fan pressure and heat or cooling that those types of zoned systems don't work that well. May also be hard on the furnace and A/C and cause whistling in the vents when one zone closes. The best zoned systems use a variable speed ECM motor which can speed up or slow down when one zone closes. Need to buy a new furnace with that feature and a proper zoning panel and dampers and have LARGE proper sized ducts and layout to get a zoned system to work properly. Sounds like the 2nd guy is trying to upsell you more equipment so he makes more profit.
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