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deerhunter 09-27-2010 07:38 PM

mold found on registers
I'm in the process of caulking all the vent entrances. At two of the registers, I found dots of mold. These two are among the only four that's directly under living space up stairs. They are in a bedroom. The other two are in a bath room and laundry room respectively. and there's no sign of mold on them.

I also noticed that for these four vent entrances, the HVAC company seemed don't care about air leak, because there are big holds on the corners of the tin boxes. I can actually see some wood member through the holes, presumably ceiling joist. Is it because there is living space right above and the air leak doesn't matter? I have the felling that it should still matter. If not why add insulation at all (I see insulation through the holes)?

The tin box above the mold infected registers seems to be clean. I think to thorougly inspect the spot, the flooring of the up stair room has too be removed. Is it that big a concern to justify all that trouble? Or are there easier ways to look into the problem?

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