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tsteffel 12-04-2012 08:47 PM

missing vent pipe in recessed dryer
i have an issue...

just bought a house with the recessed dryer vent box...the pipe that is suppose to go through the "oval" hole appears as if it was either cut off or wasn't installed the 2 inches or so through, into the box portion. It appears the recessed box was actually cut to the round shape, instead of forming to the oval...the pipe is pretty much flush with the recessed box

so, i'm curious what the best countermeasure is to hook up my dryer?
is it simply to add a say...5" piece that inserts inside the existing pipe, then use that to tie the foil/aluminum hose into? seems easy enough, but i worry about the heat/lint getting past the metal on metal "joint" and into the framework since i can't tape off the joint..

suggestions??? thanks in advance!!!

joecaption 12-04-2012 11:04 PM

Got a picture?
Should not be using that type hose, it's a fire hazard.
Since it's behind a wall it should be soild pipe.
And it's 4" not 5".

rickharp 12-05-2012 10:35 AM

from your post, it sounds like the contractor did not allow the rigid pipe to penetrate into the Dryerbox the recommened 2", or that he did, but when he was done running the pipe, it actually disengaged or came out of where it rested.

In any case, the oval hole will accomodate the 4" rigid pipe, and you may be able to find it, steer it, and get it back through the opening or port.

if not, we have this 4" long crimpedon one end collar that would snug or friction fit into the pipe, and give you back the 2 inches of rigid to connect the flex to.

See this video:

Collar link:

Really niffty alternative to the two flex options:

Hope this helps. feel free to call me.
contact info at Thanks

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