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ur1ofus 11-04-2007 09:12 AM

Milwaukee Thermoflo Furnace Filter? HELP!
So I recently moved into a house (I'm renting) and it's getting chilly so time to turn on the furnace but I wanted to replace the furnace filter first.

Went to the basement to look at the beast and jeez I feel dumb 'cause I can't find the filter anywhere!!

It's an OLD Milwaukee Thermoflo Furnace. Model 1203-C11. Serial# 68931.

I just need to know the size of the filter and where it goes! I've looked online for a manual too and come up with nothing. Any help you could give would be appreciated.


Gus Burr 12-02-2007 04:57 PM

Some places to check
Furnaces filters can be hard to find sometimes. Here are some places to check.

- Behind return air grills.

- In the return duct, it could be almost anywhere between the return air grill and the furnace. Check for openings in the duct or pieces of sheet metal that look like they are removable. These are sometimes hard to find.

- Unfortunately people sometimes think they don't need a furnace filter. If you still can't find yours maybe there isn't one. Most furnaces and air conditioners have an opening where a filter can be installed.

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