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tink9497 01-10-2009 05:21 PM

Miller Furnace Question
I have a 1994 mobile home with a miller furnace. The first problem we had was the blower was not kicking on long enough to cool off you had to run it manually. We tightened all wire connections to the blower and put on a new blower controller. Now we have another concern. The burner heats up to temp then the blower kicks on and runs. When the burner kicks off the blower cools it down and shuts off but does not come back on to recirculate the air. When it shuts off the first time the air is cool. Is this a problem. We have waited 3-4 minutes and turned fan on manually and the air comes out cold. We have been told that it probably runs longer the first time and cools it off enough that the blower doesn't need to come on again.

yuri 01-10-2009 06:28 PM

Most newer furnaces use a timer to control the length of time it runs B4 and after the burner is on. Miller determines what is safe for their unit so I would not worry about it. The OLD units had manual fan controls but I doubt if your does. Get a tuneup done yearly and ask the tech for more info. Running it cold is not a good idea as you could get condensation in the unit/chimney and that is bad for it.

tink9497 01-10-2009 06:34 PM

My furnace has a three way switch. On turns on whole system, off turns everything off and fan just turns on fan. If we want it to run through the second cool down we have to flip it to fan which becomes a pain. If it won't hurt the furnace to not run the second cool down I won't worry about. Thanks.

SKIP4661 01-10-2009 08:31 PM

The way it should work- Thermostat calls for heat. Burner fires and heats the heat exchanger. At a temperature, determined by the mfg., the blower comes on and runs. Once the thermostat is satisfied the burner shuts off. The blower continues to run until the heat exchanger cools down, then it will shut down and stay off until the burner fires for another cycle.

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