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Red Squirrel 07-11-2010 10:33 PM

Making portable AC more efficient - part 2
Ok so my original idea of tying the system to the furnace and treating it like a central air unit was not so good, and had the possibility of being a disaster.

Another idea I had that does not involve messing with too much, is to simply convert it into a dual ducted system. Currently, there are two intakes on it, a duct, and of course the cold air vent. The bottom intake is the condenser intake, and that air is then blown outside. The second intake is for the evap side, and simply blows cold air out of the cold air vent.

A good portion of the cold air created by the system eventually gets sucked into the bottom intake and then thrown back outside. This creates a negative pressure in the room pulling in warm air from elsewhere, not to mention putting newly created cold air to waste.

The intake is about 1'x1' large and has a filter on it. What I'm thinking of doing is finding some kind of ductwork fitting that I can afix to it somehow in an airtight fashion, then transition to a 4 inch spiral duct that would then be affixed to my window panel. I would need to move the exhaust up so the hot air will most likely want to rise, and not get sucked back in the system.

This will then make it so no indoor air is used to cool the condenser, only outdoor air. I'm not sure yet how I will make this user friendly (I need to be able to easily disassemble and reassemble as I move it to my office in the day and move it in my room at night). But I'll have to see what type of fittings home depot has. I'm also hoping I can find the right size duct. This is slightly bigger then dryer hose ducting.

I'm hoping this will make it much more efficient. Think this could work? I can't see why not, as long as I use the same size duct for the intake then the exhaust and don't make it too long, the blower should be able to handle it I think. Worse case scenario I can add a booster fan.

This is my unit:

Also anybody know what the rubber hose inside the tube is for? There is nothing in the instructions about it. I assume it's to pump water out, but the problem is I find the hose always falls inside the tube, I'm wondering if I even have to worry about this. This is also a self evaporating unit so most if all of the water is actually steamed out. The water is used to cool the condenser.

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