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gegnerx 01-13-2009 12:53 PM

Making a blower work with a White Rodgers 50A55-405 Controller
The TRANE XE 80 has a White Rodgers 50A50-405 Controller. Two terminals presently go to the thermostat for heat control.
I wish to allow the Circulating Fan to be turned on/off independently with a separate switching device. The available Y-W-R-G-C terminals on the controllers have the W and R wires hooked to the thermostat.
Which terminals just control the Circulating Fan on that controller Y and G? It's not clear in my reading!
Thank you!

hvaclover 01-13-2009 01:47 PM

You can buy new stat that will do that.

I am assuming you don't want to kill the fan during a heating or cooling cycle do you?

dac122 01-13-2009 03:04 PM

Energizing G will energize the COOL terminal. Is that what you want?

gegnerx 01-13-2009 03:58 PM

White-Rodgers 50A50-405 ability
Thank you for your responses.
I believe the existing thermostat will allow me to activate the fan only for the purpose of moving the air to circulate heat from a fireplace insert; except that the four conductor 18 gauge wiring has been cut to two conductors. I can probably retrieve the other two on both ends, but, I need to know which two wires will allow me to OVERRIDE the heater circuitry (controller) to ONLY allow me to turn on/off the circulating fan.

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