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Joeymartin 12-14-2006 04:46 PM

luxaire furnace problem
My Luxaire furnace will come on for a min. flame will come on for about 5-10 sec then shut off. I have a switch on the side with a screw in glass fuse if i turn the switch off then on it seems to fix it. I think the unit is only 2-3 years old. any ideas?

#CARRIERMAN 12-14-2006 04:58 PM

Hi Joeymartin

Your furnace should be equipped with what is called a flame sensor. This will be a stainless steel rod setting in front of one of the burners, typically in front of the burner opposite of the ignitor. This rod will have a single wire coming from it. Shut the power off to the furnace, remove the flame sensor completely. Use some steel wool and clean rod up real well. Reinstall the rod, reconnect the wire turn the power back on to the furnace. Make sure it functions properly. If it does, enjoy your winter. If it doesn't let us know and someone will help you with the next step.

Good luck

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