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mgkicker 10-26-2006 02:33 PM

Lux 722E Thermostat

I have a question that I would really appreciate some help. I found the
perfect Thermostat in my opinion for my specific setup. LuxPro PSP722E
Programmable MultiStage Thermostat (I have a 1 stage heat pump and Electric
Emergency heat). Can I add on someone else's out door sensor to this
Thermostat? I called the company and even though the stat handles
outdoor/indoor sensor, Lux does not manufacture a sensor unit(they said
"it is in development, we had a prototype but we were not happy with it.
We should have something out by next year"). This feature is very important
to me and this is why I need to know if I could use a honeywell sensor or

I know this post is getting kind of long, but let me just point out why I
think this stat may be the best (if it works as advertised). I had a robertshaw
non-Programmable that I just changed to a honeywell vision 7400D only to find
out that it is short cycling (sometimes compressor only on for 6 minutes Due
to a lack of "swing/differential" adjustment. Too bad because the unit looked
good!). I did my research and found the lux which does the following that
amazes me:

-1st and 2nd differential adjustment in .25F* increments.
-fan delay on heat or cool for both on and off (no more cold blasts).
-compressor locked out below a certain temperature (this is why I really need
the outdoor sensor, it gets below freezing and right now I have to manually
switch it to emergency heat).
-smart recovery locks out the emergency heat for the first 30 minutes and gives
the heat pump a chance to do its job(saves money)

The only other Thermostat that comes close to my needs is the Robertshaw 9720i,
but that is too expensive for me and I will still get cold blasts (no fan delay
for ON only for OFF). I will appreciate any help regarding the wiring of "any"
outdoor sensor to the LUX unit before I buy it. Thank you very much in advance.

#CARRIERMAN 10-26-2006 04:13 PM

Hi mgkicker

Sorry to burst your bubble, but we installed about 60 of the similar LUX stats to the one you have. Only seven of them are still in use three years later. Wrap a dollar bill around that LUX stat, throw it away. Now you can say you threw away something of value. But if you are dead set on using it, you can a honeywell or a white rodgers outdoor stat to stage with. But my recomendation before you go through all that trouble is to look into a White Rodgers 80 series thermostat. Pound for pound they are probably the best jobber stat on the market.

Good luck.

mgkicker 10-27-2006 01:14 PM

Thank you for your imput
I had not even consider white-rodgers. I had only two other options the robertshaw 9720i or the honeywell TH8320U which they both do auto swith from heat pump to Emer. heat based on a set outdoor temp. Can the 80 series do that? Does the 80 series allow you to change 1st and 2nd stage differential?

Max G.

#CARRIERMAN 10-27-2006 01:40 PM

Hi mgkiker

The 80 series White Rodgers has a software setup in it. Staging resistance heat on and off has to do with your differential when you set up software. They are a very easy stat to install and to operate, that is why our company uses them exclusivley for thermostat replacement. We are so happy with them and our customers are too, we paid the extra per stat to have our name put on them. If you chose to use this little stat, I think you will be surprised at the value.

Good luck.

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