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BlueNote 06-11-2011 11:55 AM

Looking for return noise help
I have loud returns and I was hoping somebody could take a look at this and give suggestions on reducing the noise.

Three Story House Approx 2100 sq foot between 1st & 2nd Floor:

Unfinished Basement:
Comfortmaker system. Filter right by blower. Return splits with one going to 1st floor and one going to the second floor. Ductwork going to 1st fl is 16 x 10. Ductwork going to 2nd floor is 12 x 10

1st Floor, Open Floor concept:
Ductwork comes from basement (16 x 10) and stops half way up the wall. Return grill is 16 x 16 and is at the bottom of the wall. This return is loud when it kicks on. Have to turn up volume on TV. I took the grill off and the noise is the same.

2nd Floor:
Ductwork comes from basement (12 x 10) and return is in the master bedroom and is 12 x 12 grill. There is also a return in the loft above the stairs in the ceiling. This return connects to the 12 x 10 ductwork through flexduct in the attic. This return pretty much draws no air. When I take the grill off the return in the master the noise is the same and I can't feel any air coming down when I stick arm up the ductwork. It seems all the air is rushing at the bottom of the opening.

I'm not sure if I don't have enough ductwork? Can I just get a quieter blower? Should the return in the loft be connected to the return in the master? Can I just put filters on the return grills? Anything I can add to the ductwork to soften sound? Even though the basement is unfinshed I use it like it is finished. Should I have a return and registers installed in the basement?

Just ask for any other info. Thanks in advance.

beenthere 06-11-2011 10:06 PM

What size is the system, post the model number of your outdoor unit if you don't know its size.

Your return duct may be too small.

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