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darlingm 08-20-2011 02:37 AM

LOL, Is this my furnace filter
OK, really lame question, but it's my first time dealing with a furnace. I just don't want to screw around with something that shouldn't be, or pull something out that I can't easily get back in. It's pretty snug.

Does this look like it's my furnace filter? I can't find anything else that could be it, but this piece just looks like wire mesh that is jammed in there. I thought they had an edge around them.

In this picture, we're looking just to the right of the bottom of the furnace near where the burners are.

biggles 08-20-2011 04:17 AM

it's stil a question no problem:wink:...yes it is your unit filter but very raw..take a trip to HD/LOWES with the measurement for a cardboard framed filter 1" most standard sizes 16 X 25...20 X 20...20 X see what fits.when you do get the new filter in cover that opening with plastic wrap strip of cardboard and tape it want to pull the ducted return on the left from the space not around the unit...

beenthere 08-20-2011 06:48 AM

Yep, thats a hog hair air filter.

sktn77a 08-20-2011 12:03 PM

It's a reusable (washable) filter. If you replace it with a 1" cardboard frame filter make sure it's a snug fit or you'll be leaking air around it.

darlingm 08-20-2011 07:02 PM

Thank you everyone for your responses.

I think I found out why the previous homeowner(s) used this stuff instead of a better filter. The hole it goes into is 20" front to back and 16" deep. On the side close to us in the picture, it's 1" wide ... but on the side far away from us it's only 3/4" wide. Someone really paid attention here.

The 2-3" piece of metal in the picture to the left of the top of the hog hair air filter has a lip that's folder over the edge. I'm thinking if we popped that off, we could cut it so the hole would be a full 1".

Would that be the way to go?

You might be able to see in the picture, there's two indentations on this piece of metal. They aren't screws or nails. Is there a tool that makes a dent in the top piece, denting the piece under it, locking those two together or something? Do I just pry hard to get that off of there, and will I be able to get it back on?

Like I said, my first time. Thanks a ton!

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