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loft = Sauna

Hi everyone.

I know you guys get asked constantly about how to cool the upstairs of homes and such, but I have searched endlessly in solutions for my problem and have not found anything that I am allowed to do yet.

I have a loft that over looks the living room/kitchen area. The wall towards the livingroom/kitchen is a half wall and is approximately 25 feet wide. the room is 25 ft wide but about 8 ft of that is taken up by a walk in closet and the stairs going up. Needless to say that I lose all of my A.C to the living room. There are three vents in the room.
1- A return that is about 7 feet off the ground.
2- "Skinny vent" where I can see the back of the duct that is about 5 feet off the ground.
3- A regular size vent that starts floor level and up about 8''.

Any Ideas on how to cool this place ? My bedroom is here and idk if I or my fluffly dog will be able to take the heat when the summer comes. We are under and association so I am not allowed to do things to the roof (exhaust vents) or put extra window a.c unit in the window.

Thanks in advanced guys.


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That's a bummer you can't fix this situation. It's like they want you to be miserable because of their architectural mistakes. How about closing off the vents downstairs on The bottom floor so it all flows upstairs & being that cold air drops maybe that will do the trick. Other ideas would be to tint the windows up there, spray the roof with water to cool it down (this isn't a joke, I read an article on this in Earth News magazine) & last but not least, run the hell out of your AC with fans circulating the air


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HOAs are nazi inspired hell holes.
Best suggestion is move as soon as possible into something you can call your own.
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Yes I have thought about closing the vents downstairs and seeing how that works and I think I might give that a try. I am also having an electric boxe installed so I can put a ceiling fan up here.

Sorry I dont think I was specific enough. I own the house and although I do admit HOA can be a pain in the butt, here they actually do pretty well. They even do the landscaping in my personal yard which is always immaculate. I can even choose what plants I want done. They are prompt in getting anything fixed that they are responsible for also. Maybe its because its ran by us homeowners. Plus I only pay 110/month which is almost completely offset by me only needing partial insurance since they have insured the outside, windows, roof, foundation, etc.

Besides not allowing us to touch the roof (which they replace) and having window units which do keep the neighborhood looking nice I can do anything else. I am going to make sure I can't touch the roof because I am not 100% but I know I cannot use a window unit.

Also the central air is a pretty new unit.
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pictures, pictures, pictures!!! that would really help.

as you know hot air rises and you will need to have the hot air removed from the area. You can do this by displacement with cold air from the supply vents, or sucked out via a return vent, or you can have a fan of some sort to move the air from area.

a lot of times, the balancing of a vent system needs to be done. but also, sometimes the ductwork was designed and installed incorrectly. a professional HVAC person can do a manual D process and figure out where your duct work stands.

A diy person can balance the air vents, but there is a danger of high External Static Pressure at the air handler, which can cause damage to the system and or high utility bills.

hope this helps.
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