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little birdie killed my furnace

We have a Ducane forced hot air furnace and a little bird got into it and was eaten. We had to clean all the little birdie bits out of the furnace. We did our best to get all the pieces of bird. Now the furnace goes on but shuts down after 3 minutes and the light blinks constantly. Anybody got any ideas?


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Does the light blink constantly or is it blinking a number code? Are you sure you got out all the bird pieces and it is cleaned up good?


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poor bird by the way he must have got sick of life. Anyways I would suggest checking your flue because if you have bird bits blocking up your flue that can be deadly. The flue is basically an escape for the gas coming from the heat exchangers and also like the person above me had stated there is a trouble code indication and if the bird got into the evaporator fan and got chopped up there then it could have possibly messed with the fan blade and it might not be pushing the correct amount of air out of the furnace. Its kind of like taking a lawnmower and trying to mow a small boulder.
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You probably still have the main part of the bird that is trapped inside the inducer motor blades and that's causing the motor to not spin, thus shutting the furnace's pressure switch down and shutting the furnace down. you can usually see the inducer motor's wheel spin fast when the furnace comes on and calls for heat and you can usually turn the inducer motor's flywheel rather easily if the furnace is off...if it won't turn or is hard to turn...the bird is jammed in the motor housing. If you're handy, there is usually 3 to 5 bolts that hold the inducer motor in the furnace housing...and one or two rubber hoses connecting it. There is a black (hot) and white (neutral) wire connected to the motor...make note of where each one goes on which terminal. There is usually also a clamp or 2 holding the inducer motor to the PVC exhaust. Loosen the clamp and pull the PVC back away from the inducer (usually no more than an inch or 2). Remove the motor housing and holding the opening downward toward the ground turn the wheel until it's clear of the bird remains and spins freely. Replace back opposite and turn furnace on and see if wheel spins quickly and freely. you need to install a bird/vermin screening on your intake/fresh air PVC pipe at it's exterior termination on the outside to keep the birds, etc out.

Sorry...I am assuming this is a condensing furnace with PVC exhaust inducer motor, or an 80% furnace with a vent inducer motor...if not..ignore the above.
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bird , blink , ducane , furnace , yuck

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