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nailbender1979 03-14-2011 02:23 PM

In line register box?
I am wanting to put a register above my basement bar, and I have a 6 in. heating duct running above it already. I was wondering if they make an in line register box. I can't seem to find anything on-line, and don't want to run around looking for something that may not exist.

Jackofall1 03-14-2011 02:31 PM

Hi and Welcome nailbender1979, to the best darn DIY'r site on the web.

Don't know about a register box specifically, but they do have a simple "T" saddle type fitting at the big box apron store.

You could always make your own, this is always an interesting venture.

Just remember that what ever duct you are tying onto, will transmit the sound and smells from your bar to that room.


nailbender1979 03-14-2011 02:36 PM

Thanks for the welcome! I have been browsing around, and this sure does seem like a great site. You bring up a great point about the smells. We smoke in the basement, but not upstairs. That would definitely drag more smoke up there. New plan time. Thanks again

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