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rookie50 11-27-2006 11:19 AM

lifebreath air to air
Hi again, just found this site and am very greatfull for all the help from those with HVAC knowledge.
I've got a Lifebreath air to air ventilation system installed in my house which is 16 years old and is well insulated with little air leakage.My furnace takes in combustion air from outside.I've always had a hard time keeping humidity levels up during the winter and have turned off the air to air at times which didn't seem to help.
I never get any condensate out of the unit(200Max) even when running at low fan speed and with the humistat set much lower than the humidity in the house?
Is it possible the heat exchanger coils inside the air to air are blocked?
The outside intake and exhaust seem to be blowing ok.
Is it possible the air is just comming in and going out without circulating thru the house. There dosen't seem to be much pull at the intake register in the bathroom and laundry.

#CARRIERMAN 11-27-2006 03:01 PM

Hi again rookie50

Most energy recovery ventilators have in coming air filters. If the filters get clogged the ERV is worthless. If it is tied in properly the blower on your furnace is what circulates the air through the ERV. If you have not kept the maintenance up on the filters there is a good chance the catalyst block is plugged. If it is go online and see if you can get a replacement. Keep in mind the best way to keep any HVAC equipment in good shape, stay on top of your filters and have the system looked at by a professional at least twice a year.

Good luck

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