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NoHeatWayne 09-23-2012 04:15 PM

Lennox Whisper Heat Troubles
Hello, I have a Lennox Whisper Heat Furnace about '94 (BCC2-2 REV B LB-65126A BOARD AND A MODEL SP745 MODULE NR-C-60-30 PART # 100-00831-01) that I'm having trouble with. I followed the Trouble shooting guide but I am not convinced I have solved the puzzle. My transformer is good. My door opens, blower checks out. Last year when I bought this house it operated a bit funky and would take a few attempts of turning the thermostat up and down to call or not call for heat before it would ignite. Now, it won't ignite at all. I tested the voltage to the gas valve and the PV and MV terminals I get a about 27volts. I tried to manually ignite the pilot after cleaning the Flame sensor and ignitor and nothing. I think this lead me to the Gas valve? I tried turning the gas valve on while calling for heat and the pilot line removed and could not smell NG coming out of the valve. Please someone, help.


how 09-23-2012 05:30 PM

Make sure your gas valve does have a gas supply.

If you are getting 24 V to the PV and no gas comes out of the pilot port of the valve, then the valve is faulty.

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