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Kool Breese 01-01-2009 02:27 PM

Lennox furnace fails to ignite
Lennox Model: 10GCS030-75-IPA
- Unit is about 8 years old.
- Unit was serviced (cleaned and check by professionals 6 months ago)

Control board model: 60M3201
- I replaced this about 4 years ago.

Here is the sequence:
1. Thremostat calls for heat
2. Inducer fan kicks in
3. Gas flows
4. I guess ignitor on electrode does not spark - I hear the "click"
5. runs through the process 3 tries (including the "clicks") then goes into Lockout - LED on contol board flashes twice then pause then repeats ... meaning that the heat sensor on electrode was unable to detect heat.

Might of been stupid of me, but after reading alot and watch the process I concluded that if the inducer fan was not able to create enough negative presssure then the control board would not signal for gas. As a result, I was able to light the gas manually and heat the house back up (tough when it is a holiday and everyone else in the house is female and complaining of cold).

If I got all the above right I am now into trying to figure out if I replace the electrode or the control board. I have a meter so how can I tell if voltage getting to the ingnitor or not?

If I did not get it all right then
- should I stop manually lighting the furnace?
- would it be something associated with not enough negative pressure and how I go about checking that and figuring out what to replace.

Kool Breese 01-05-2009 11:58 AM

Ended up having a technician come out - it was a faulty ignitor cable

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