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valuemeal 05-16-2012 09:25 PM

Lennox air conditioner help I think its simple
I have two air conditioners outside, both are running outside, but the one going downstairs is working, and the one going upstaris isn't running inside the house. I flipped circuit breakers and changed filter. I can't see how to reset the one in the attic that is not running. It has same flashing light as other one that is working in attic.

plummen 05-16-2012 10:56 PM

Well im sure its getting 120v to the furnace/air handler anyway because thats where the transformer gets its power to step down to 24v to pull the coil in on outdoor unit to make it run.
And the stat seems to be calling for cooling,so the most obvious thing to check is blower motor in the furnace.
If the blower isnt running youll probably be greeted by an iced up evap coil on top of furnace,so be ready for a wet mess.
Check the blower motor/capacitor :)

valuemeal 05-17-2012 12:29 PM

Thanks so much for your reply. Last night I turned off the thermostat, so it wouldn't run outside if it was going nowhere inside.

After I got your email I took off both panels to the non working furnace and see no ice or condensation anywhere up top, near back or on bottom. I just have a gut feeling that it will work if I could figure out a way to reset it. My neighbor had the same problem, she said the landlord went in the attic, came down and it was fixed. I would call, but my landlord is a realtor and didn't even know how to show me how to use the gas fireplace. Anyway, any troubleshooting ideas would be great, its not 80 yet today.Thanks so much.

Doc Holliday 05-17-2012 12:35 PM

Turn the breaker off to the unit. Leave it off for about 30 second and then flip it back on. You may have a light switch connected to the furnce which if it is than you can simply turn that off and then on. If not, use the breaker in the home's electrical service panel. They should be marked but if not then you may be turning them all off and on, one at a time. Turn off all computers and unplug the tv's first if you have to do that.

That's how you'd reset them.

valuemeal 05-17-2012 12:41 PM

Thanks for such a quick response. After I took panels off, I saw a white button pushed it ever so slightly. Then I realized by putting panel back on it would engage the button. After replacing panels I tried turning the thermostat on and it all kicked on normal. Whoa. last night I had tried the circuit breakers. I'm not sure why its working, but very thankful and also I so appreciate the directions, it gave me courage to stay in the attic more than a half second. One step at a time. Again, thanks to both of you for your time and expertise!

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