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Lennox 80UHG Series - “Rollout switch open”?

Lennox 80UHG Series - “Rollout switch open”? Vertical Flame Ignition Rod won't light and combust gas:

I saw a post for this issue on this and other forums, but I didn’t see what exactly the problem was and its resolution explained.

I live in a town home community (6 units attached per/bldg; all the same furnaces, water heaters, ranges, etc.). My furnace went out the other day. I looked at my neighbors with the panels off and safety switch depressed, it works fine. The control/electric panel clicks a few times, the “Combustion Air Blower” and “Blower Assembly” kick in; the “Vertical Flame Ignition Rod” heats up red, gas flows and the horizontal gas burners ignite w/gas flowing and we have heat!. I also noticed for my neighbors working furnace, there were two LED lights, also noted in the “Product Instructions” I have, that the TOP one was GREEN and the BOTTOM was RED and they were both a “”Simultaneous Fast Flash”.

With mine that stopped working, with the front panels off and the safety switch depressed, heat set to on higher than the room temp. registered and new batteries:
(1) The “Control Board/Transformer” has a slightly different “click” sequence than my neighbors that is working. I’m trying to get it down, it’s like Morse code! lol
(2) The “Blower Assembly” kicks in and runs.
(3) ***The “Combustion Air Blower” starts rotating then stops dead. (***Could there be an issue with the “Pressure Switch” and communication(s) with the “Combustion Air Blower”? I checked the hose running for the pressure switch to the combustion air blower and its physical integrity seems to be good; i.e. – not rotted no cracks, etc.)
(4) ***The vertical “Flame Ignition Rod” will not heat up, glow red and combust gas (i.e. – gas doesn’t even appear to be flowing). All other gas appliances in the unit work fine.
(5) ***Also, the LED Lights on mine, that is NOT WORKING:
a) The top one is a solid “GREEN” no flashing at all.
b) The bottom one is “GREEN” with a SLOW green flash.

Per the manual for the LED LIGHTS, it indicates that if the upper LED light (LED 1) is ON, and the lower LED is on and a a Slow Flash (LED 2) that [“Rollout switch open; OR; 12-PIN connector improperly attached]. I have not messed with, tried to reset the “Rollout switch(es) but that is what I’m going to attempt today and see what happens. Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated! THX!!! PS – I have browsed/read online forums for this issue.


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A roll out switch is a safety. Often when they trip, the heat exchanger is cracked, or the flue is restricted.


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if the rollout switch is open the board is programmed to run the indoor blower as it thinks the furnace is overheated and needs cooling down. tripped rollouts is a VERY serious condition and I would recommend you get a Lennox tech to find out why.
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