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klimshelf 03-29-2011 07:47 PM

Kenmore 596 bottom freezer cold top warm
Kenmore frig with bottom freezer Model 596.67277790.

Yesterday the frig compartment got warm. The lower freezer compartment was 5 degrees and cold air blows into freezer when frig is running.

I took the panel off the back (inside the freezer) and there was no ice build-up at all. Drain hole was clear.

The defrost thermostat check out - has continuity when cold, no continuity when warm.

Vacuumed all the dust from the coils beneath the frig.

Took the cover off the controller at the upper back of frig compartment and the vent door with spring attached is wide open. Yet when cold air is blowing into the freezer below no air at all is coming out of the upper vent. I checked the lower end of that air duct, in the freezer, and there is no obstruction there.

With the unit unplugged I left the freezer door open for a few hours while I vacuumed all the dust from the coil underneath the frig. The freezer was then warm when I plugged the frig in and turned it on. I blows frigid air into freezer below and no air at all comes out up above.

I can't figure why cold air is not coming up and into the frig when the condenser is working and the fan in the freezer is blowing cold air.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

beenthere 03-30-2011 05:45 AM

Check return vents behind crispers for blockage.

klimshelf 03-30-2011 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by beenthere (Post 619812)
Check return vents behind crispers for blockage.

There is only one return vent, below the left crisper drawer, and it is clear.

I just tested the defrost timer and there is no continuity between ground terminal and any of the other three terminals, whether timer is on or off. That looks to be the likely suspect.

6 hours later. Parts guy checked defrost timer and it was bad. Replaced it. Frig is still short cycling - runs for 5 minutes and shuts off over and over - never long enough to cool the frig cabinet.

Two techs said it is either the compressor (read as New Frig) or the compressor relay.

The next day: replace compressor relay ($38). Frig running normally. Problem solved.

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