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listo 11-19-2008 12:04 AM

just installed some bathroom fans and...
after my wife had a shower she noticed water dripping from the fan, or rather from the ceiling around the fan.

When i installed it there was an old fan there but it wasn't vented at all, and it was a smaller one than we thought we should have in the main showering room of the house. So when removing the old one i got frustrated with the stripped screws and the cramped space in the attic (I'm 6'5 so that doesn't help) and i proceded to kick the old fan down through the hole.

Needless to say i sorta wrecked the drywall and seeing as the ceiling was stucko'd i decided to just glue (wood glue) the paper and drywall back up. Also used some drywall screws to hold it there.

Now it seems the drywall is getting wrecked from the moisture.

Do I need to replace the drywall with new stuff that isn't torn? Or do i need to put insulation around the fan? Or just tell my wife not to take so long of showers? Or something else entirely (paint the unfinished edges, tape, vapor barrier)?

thanks for any help:thumbsup:

kennzz05 11-19-2008 12:16 AM

well this post dosent really belong here but ill take a shot, if you live somewhere that its cold and you disturbed the insulation around the fan now the drywall is getting cold and causing condensation around the fan,sorry to say youll have to pry your lankey self back up in the attic and seal or restore the insulation back to its original state as cold drywall=dripping ceiling:laughing:

listo 11-19-2008 12:19 AM

ok thanks that's a pretty easy fix. where should this have gone? i saw some other bathroom fan questions here so i thought it'd be good. what is HVAC anyway?
i thought it was heating and ventilation

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