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jdm001 01-23-2011 11:21 PM

Insulating Ducts... Did i do this right?
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I wanted to insulate my heating ducts, since our unfinished basement is cold and resulting in heat loss. I used face batt insulation, with a mesh type unfaced side that keeps the insulation tight.

Directions didn't help about putting it on heating ducts. Also, what is the best way to put the hangers on? I tried pushing up from middle, but it'd "flip" after a minute, bow down, then spring out. I then tried putting one side 1/2 way up the joist, then slightly bending the other side to fit in. It worked, but it seems the slighted movement can knock one out or even start a mini chain reaction.

FYI I put a picture of the model number of the OwensCorning insulation I used.



oh'mike 01-24-2011 05:51 AM

That looks good to me--but I'm not a heating guy.

One suggestion--if the spring wires aren't up to the job----use the sheet metal supports designed to hold duct work.

They are in the ductwork section of the hardware store--about 1" wide about 16 " long--held in with screws-----------And cheap----------Mike--

jdm001 01-25-2011 06:34 AM

FYI for anyone searching in the future, I found a phone number and called their support line. They said that if the temperature is 200 degrees or less, it'll be fine.

Since my room extensions off the main duct are all about ten feet away from the furnace, I'm good.

Also, the expert said as long as the paper face isn't touching anything, even excessive heat won't burn up... It will break down the fibers of the insulation over time, and there would be no fire danger unless it broke down enough so that the paper was touching the duct.


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