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morrelld97 10-02-2007 09:16 PM

Install Fasco Inducer Model A242
Hi Gang,
I need to install a Fasco Inducer on a high-efficiency Rheem furnace.

Funny story, the old one got rats in it during the summer. Thought they were only in the PVC exhaust and condensation pipe which I replaced. I discovered them because the house smelled terrible.
Anyway, some made it all the way into the inducer and died and rusted it out. I couldn't figure out why the furnace wouldn't turn on, so called a serviceman who found the second batch of rats.

The furnace is a Rheem Imperial 90 plus. Probably 20 years old.

The original inducer is a Fasco no. 7021-7150. I have a replacement - Fasco model #a242, 7021-11707.

I was a little surprised when I received the replacement. I thought the original had some low voltage wires connected to it that in turn connect to a panel on the front of the furnace. Indeed there are low voltage wires still on the furnace.

However, the replacement inducer does not have a place to connect the wires. There is only a ground wire and two power wires (black and white).

Any thoughts? I can send pictures if you think they can help..

morrelld97 10-03-2007 07:40 PM

Rats ruined my inducer
No thoughts yet? OK, I have pics.

In one picture you will note that there is a small rubber tube that is disconnected. There is a small tube protrubing from the inducer that it seems logical to connect this to, however the tube is too narrow to fit over it.

There are also 2 red wires (with black electrical tape covering the ends) that should be connected to something. I know there is a panel next to the inducer with 2 connectors that should have some component attached to it.

There is a 3rd wire that is totally disconnected from anything hanging there as well. Any help appreciated.
Link to pics:

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