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InfThermometers and Accurate Room Temperature

Hi All,

I am trying to get an accurate read on the room temperature in my main level. The 3 'standard' thermometers I own (2 Honeywell, 1 Genera-Brand) all say the temperature is 81F. However, when two HVAC salesmen brought over their 'Gun Style' infrared thermometer, pointing it at the main level walls/kitchen surfaces registered the room temperature as 70F (at the same time as the other 3 thermometers say 81F). Given that I'm sweatin' on the main level (the outdoor temperature was approx 87F at the time), I'm inclined to believe 81F is the 'real' room temperature, but the salesmen claim the infrared is 100% accurate and the room temperature is in fact 70F. Can anyone confirm/deny which measurement is more reliable?



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Pointing an I/R thermometer at a surface is a silly way to measure air temperature.

Don't you have a $1 analog thermometer?


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Well if they were using the $3,000.00 plus ones, then yes they are very accurate. If they were using the $30.00 or less ones, they aren't very accurate. And an inside wall can be a lot cooler then an outside wall.

My 50 dollar IR, often reads 4 plus degrees warmer then my 180 dollar Cooper SH66A.
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Got a digital cooking thermostat? The trouble with thermostats is they tend to measure the temperature of the wall they are on. If placed properly, such as in the current of return air they will be fairly accurate. What's the temperature of the air coming out of one of the supply grills? What's the temperature of an outside wall? Too many variables. A small desk top thermometer that you could move around will certainly give you a better idea of the house temperature than shooting a laser at a few walls. And if the temperature is truly that low you could have a humidity problem which would make you feel uncomfortable.
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Thanks for the replies folks. My take-away is that my three desk top thermometers are better indicators of a room`s temperature than a cheesy $30 temp gun pointed at a wall or fireplace grill.

Once again, my dilemma was that the sales guy`s laser gun said 70F and my desktop thermometers all said 81F, and the sales guy was claiming the laser gun was gospel truth (despite what my desk top thermometers said AND the fact that it felt freakin`hot in the room). Humidity was approx 50%.
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That's a slimy sales ploy. I know some of the less than reputable companies here do that.


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