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Rookietinner 02-17-2007 11:42 AM

Inducer motors on Bryant 350AAV
In the last two months Ive had 3 inducer motors go bad on 3 Bryant 90% furnaces. I was wondering if there is something I'm not doing right in the install, or if its a fluke thing. I'm leaning towards it being something im doing or not doing during the install. Any help from you Carrier people would be great.

#CARRIERMAN 02-18-2007 03:38 PM

Hi Rookietinner

If the 90 plus Carrier, Bryant, or Payne inducers have any vibration in them when you start it up. The inducer assy needs to be sent back and not used. I had several of them come from the factory with the inducer wheels fractured from what I assumed was dropping them. Not sure thats what caused damage but it was odd this many had the same problem. Check your lot numbers and see if they are sequential. If they are demand a inquiry, its your reputation when you have repeated call backs. The only other thing is you could have a restricted secondary heat exchanger. This will cause overstressing of the inducer wheel and cause pre mature failure also. Take your magnhelic readings, if you are above 2" wc you are ok. If you are below that, clean the heat exchanger.

Good luck

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