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us215013 01-06-2010 11:02 AM

Ignition Control Module Question
I installed a Honeywell S8610U Ignition control module a month ago in my Dayton 75,000 BTU Gas hanging furnace in my garage (15 years old). This module replaced a Johnson Controls unit that quit working.

The new module just quit working last night and seemed to fail in the same manner as the old Johnson controls unit. It burned out my thermostat the same time the unit quick working.

When my round Mercury switch Honeywell Thermostat called for heat, the heat anticipator mechanism glows bright red and starts to smoke until the heat anticipator completely fryís.

When I remove the stat and connect the two stat wires to manually call for heat, I see a larger than normal spark like something is shorting out..

I tested the internal heat and fan relayís and all seem to be working properly. The transformer seems a bit warmer than usual but is putting out voltage. It does sometimes hum a bit.

Iím asking this question because it seems really strange that a second Ignition control unit quit working and fried my stat in the exact same way the first one did. Makes me think that there is another problem thatís causing the ignition module to fail.

Any suggestions on a cause or what to check next? Or could it be that I just had bad luck with the new Ignition control and need to replace it again?

beenthere 01-06-2010 12:43 PM

Check thermostat wire for shorts.

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